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Accueil is the leading online boat rental platform in the US, and one of the market references in the American sector. Nautal mediates between private boat owners and charter companies who wish to rent their boats, and customers from all over the world who are looking for the nautical experience.

Whether it's a vacation at the seaside or a day at the lake, an inflatable boat should not be missing from any leisure activity on the water. The practical boats are made of robust plastic and are only filled with air on-site. A not yet inflated rubber dinghy is compact in its dimensions and can be easily transported. Most rubber boats have several separate air chambers so that the boat can continue to sail for a short time even if air escapes from one of the chambers.

According to the construction method, inflatable boats are distinguished as follows:

  • Fully inflatable
  • Fully inflatable, but with a fixed bottom
  • Fixed hull inflatable boats (fixed hull, which is not filled with air, but with foam).

The size of the inflatable boat should be chosen according to the number of people who will be using the boat at the same time. Use the following values as a guide.

Formenti ZAR 53

Inflatable / semi-rigid boat, boat without crew or with skipper
Length: 5,32 m, built: 1999
Charter destination: On tow, River Danube
Charter country: Slovakia, port: Bratislava, on trailer
Company: Danube charter by Yachter
boat/weekend: 160-190 USD, boat/day: 140-160 USD
1 week charter, day charter, weekend charter, short week charter

Inflatable Boat Capelli Tempest 505 Easy 

The best inflatable boat Tempest 505 Easy has an aggressive and precise look, with large storage areas and comfortable seating for passengers. It is the ideal boat to take your first steps into the nautical world.

The unique feeling of freedom of an inflatable boat

An inflatable boat is an uncomplicated way of discovering the landscape of one's own home country or on the next vacation. When the weather is good, I can spontaneously grab my inflatable boat and, for example, get on the next S-Bahn train heading for the foothills of the Alps. Once there, I walk to the riverbank of the Isar, set up my boat within 15min and get out on the water. The good thing about it, I completely determine the tour myself (entry and exit point). Hours later I arrive at a suburb of Munich, pack up my boat again, make a detour to the beer garden and take the S-Bahn back. And the next time I feel like paddling again, I can do a completely different tour, e.g. with my bike and the dinghy in my backpack to the nearest lake after work. There are endless possibilities to explore one's surrounding nature and the next vacation country in a new way and to be outside in nature. Compared to renting, I am not bound to any opening hours of the rental stations and can paddle even out of season. Nothing beats going paddling on a sunny fall day and having the waters to myself. I have one-time purchase costs and then no more accruing rental fees. Also, I do not need to return to the rental station.

Why is the inflatable boat so popular?

The explosion in popularity of these boats and inflatable kayaks / canoes is due to several factors. As for inflatable SUP boards, the inflatable boat offers some great advantages, such as easy transportation (quite tricky with a boat that you can't inflate) and high carrying capacity.

Of course, they are also much cheaper, but by that, I don't mean you should buy a cheap inflatable boat, which can end up putting you in danger on the water! It also depends on what type of boat you choose and what accessories (such as a motor) you need, which can drive the price up quite a bit.

Two of the most important factors in making the right inflatable boat choice are ease of use and the space you have available on the boat. A classic inflatable boat offers a good balance between price, durability, load, weight, and performance, and is also easy to transport and store.

Inflatable dinghy - the most important things at a glance

Inflatable dinghies are practical and inexpensive means of transportation for many different purposes. Whether for vacation, leisure, or business, these boats provide a convenient and safe way to navigate the waterways.

Inflatable dinghies are usually made of a sturdy PVC material and have a rubber rim. This not only gives the boat a long life but also ensures a comfortable ride. The boats are available in different sizes, from small 2-person boats to large 8-person boats.

Most of the boats have an integrated air cushion system, which makes it easier to inflate the inflatable boat. However, some models are also equipped with an electric air pump system.

When choosing an inflatable dinghy, you should first consider how many people you plan to take with you. Make sure that the boat has enough space for all the people and luggage.

Care and inflatable boat repair

Sun and salt water can attack the material of the boat and make it porous. If you take proper care of the inflatable boat, it can give you many summers of enjoyment.

  • When not in use, the inflatable boat should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  • Wash the inflatable thoroughly with fresh water after contact with sea water.
  • A special inflatable boat cleaner should be applied every few weeks.
  • Before stowing the inflatable boat for the winter, it must be completely dry.


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